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DACA recipients organize protest in front of Rep. Huizenga’s office to demand renewal of the Dream Act

December 19, 2017

On Monday, about 30 people gathered outside the Grandville office of Rep. Bill Huizenga’s to demand that he support a renewal of the Dream Act.

The action was organized by DACA recipients, young Latino/Latinix activists who have been the beneficiaries of the Dream Act that was passed during the Obama administration after immigrant youth hounded the former President in cities across the country to adopt some protections for the children of immigrants who wanted to go to college.

The new Dream Act is similar to the one passed in 2012, with some notable changes that one can find at this link

The action on Monday was organized by Dreamers, with several of them speaking with a megaphone. Two young Latinix organizers shared their story and spoke passionately about their dreams of getting a good education. These two young Latinix women (pictured here) demonstrated the courage it takes to be public with their demands of immigration justice, especially in a climate of tremendous anti-immigrant hostility, as was reflected in the hateful comments from a few white people driving passed the protest on Wilson Ave. in Grandville.

We were able to do a short interview with one of the other organizers, Danny Caracheo, who also organized a similar action in front of Rep. Justin Amash’s office last week.

There were a few other people who spoke at the action, notably 2nd Congressional Candidate Rob Davidson, who is challenging Huizenga in the 2018 election. Davidson has a few moderate positions on immigration at his website and did say that he would make the Dream Act a priority of elected next November. However, it has been a long time since the 2nd Congressional District has been won by a Democrat and Huizenga already has more than 10 times the amount of campaign money that Davidson has, according to the Center for Responsible Politics

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