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WOOD TV8 allows local leader of White Supremacist group to lie

August 17, 2017

Yesterday, WOOD TV8 ran a story headlined, Leader denies group is neo-Nazi: ‘Witch hunt’

Taking advantage of the national media attention from the White Nationalist/White Supremacist violence in Charlottesville, the channel 8 story used a Southern Poverty Law Center hate map to identify hate groups in West Michigan and chose to speak with the leader of a White Supremacist group.

However, the channel 8 piece, ultimately provided a platform for Mike Peterson, also known as Ragnar, to say that his group, the Gallows Tree Wotansvolk Alliance, is nothing more than a religious group. The WOOD TV 8 reporter can only respond by showing one picture of Mike Peterson to challenge his identity with White Supremacy. This kind of weak and lazy journalism is not what people need, especially in light of the White Supremacist violence in Charlottesville last weekend. One more indication that commercial media outlets are more interested in ratings than doing real journalism.

Gallows Tree Wotansvolk Alliance IS a White Supremacist group

There are numerous online sources that have actually done some investigation on who Mike Peterson is and what the Gallows Tree Wotansvolk Alliance actually is.

Southside Chicago Anti-Racist Action states:

First off is Michael Peterson of the Grand Rapids metro area. You may remember him as Ragnar, mocked intensely as a divider of the white pride movement and possible undercover ZOG agent on Patrick Langballe’s classic video “Juliet is a pig 88”, Juliet being his kid’s mother who has cheated on him with other men in the ‘movement’. You might have even seen him in pictures of this year’s Hitler Birthday Celebration in Chicago (he’s the one furthest to the left). He is a Nazi that spent nine years in federal prison and now blogs,  paints dolls and figurinesfights with his own community on the internetwrites about mead on the internet and attends school at Grand Rapids Community College for writing and journalism. On top of this, he is a leader of the Gallows Tree Wotansvolk Alliance, a culty religious group that blends Norse Paganism with white supremacy and forbids its members to be part of any other organizations. This outfit organized the Jackson, Michigan White Pride World Wide march March 22 last year.

Now simply exposing Michael for his fascist activism (usually carried out by the name Ragnar Whiteson, Ragnar Odinson, or Wotansvolk) would be enough, but it gets far juicier. Early last year, a White Culture Club attempted (and failed) to start up at Grand Rapids Community College. On the Gallows Tree Forum Michael owns up to the fact that he and other Gallows Tree members started the White Culture Club to help promote the religion he leads. But look up earlier on the thread at the article by the name of “White culture club tries GRCC”. It ran in the Collegiate, GRCC’s student newspaper, at the beginning of the controversy. And its author: Mike Peterson, Collegiate Staff Writer. That’s right, an active Nazi got to write THE FIRST ARTICLE about the group he helped start FOR THE PURPOSE OF BRINGING NEW MEMBERS into his own organization, and quite possibly got paid for it.

Around the same time that Peterson was at GRCC, he worked at the downtown bar J. Gardellas Tavern. Several people connected to Anti-Racist Action (ARA) in Grand Rapids at the time found out he worked there and exposed him to the owner. Shortly after Peterson was exposed, he was fired.

However, before he was fired, he and other members of his group were making threats against the former owner of Bartertown Diner, since that person used to organize punk shows in GR. Several members of the ARA and some Wobbly members responded and as soon as they showed up the White Supremacists fled.

Another online source states

Peterson’s activities means everyone around him, be it directly or indirectly, have to deal with whatever it is he brings around. That could mean at the restaurant he works at called Dee-Lite in Grand Haven, MI, or it could especially mean at his home in Allendale, MI where he holds his Gallows Tree gatherings that he calls blóts, which were old Nordic pagan sacrifices to the gods. He has held several there, and it is possible any neighbors or even his landlord do not know what he has been bringing to the neighborhood.

This may be the most recent piece written on Ragnar, aka Mike Peterson, since as the WOOD TV8 story confirms that Peterson lives in Allendale. There is also this scary video, which has Peterson in it several times. There are definitely several people in the video with White Supremacist symbols, so don’t believe his bullshit lies. 

Peterson also has a Facebook page, so make sure that you don’t friend him and make sure others know who this White Supremacist piece of shit is. Shine the light on him and all White Supremacists!

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