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J20 Week of Solidarity: Trump Inauguration Resisters, including 3 from Grand Rapids, could face 75-year prison sentences

July 24, 2017

Many people are familiar with the large march that took place in Washington, DC on the weekend of President Trump’s inauguration. Hundreds of people from Grand Rapids made that trek to collectively protest the 45th president.

There was also a protest on the day of the actual inauguration, January 20th, where over 200 people were arrested for attempting to disrupt the swearing in of Donald Trump. What people are less familiar with is the fact that most of those arrested during the January 20th protest are now facing up to 75 years in prison……..for protesting.

The online resource Defend J20 Resistance, provides some useful information on how such repression can happen: 

The prosecution’s case rests on a broad interpretation of the Federal Riot Statute, which could make a participant in a political rally guilty for any property damage that takes place during that time. A superceding indictment added additional charges of urging to riot, conspiracy to riot, individualized property damage, and for over half the group, assaulting an officer or resisting arrest. These additional charges were given with no new group evidence or individual particulars.

The DC Attorney’s Office is trying to set a repressive precedent for political expression under the administration of Donald Trump with Attorney General Jeff Sessions. It is incumbent upon anyone who values dissent to stand in solidarity with the defendents in this case. This case in many way ressembles the 800 water protectors in the midst of Grand Jury processes in North Dakota, and other individual resisters arrested throughout the country.

Week of Solidarity

Those who were arrested, their supporters and hundreds of grassroots organizations are calling for July 20 – 27 as a week of solidarity. People are encouraged to investigate what type of state-sponsored repression we all could face, by reading some of the following articles:

The New State Repression

Tilted Scales: The Criminal Legal System for Radicals

Repress This!: Way to Be Your Own Anti-Repression Committee

The Other Side of COIN: Counter-Insurgency and Community Policing

Join the Resistance: Ideas for Fighting Trump and Becoming Ungovernable

In addition, people are encouraged to distribute and use some of the following posters for wheatpasting:

Week of Action‘ Posters

Solidarity With J-20 Arrestees‘ Poster

Uncompromising Solidarity with Rebels Facing Repression‘ Poster

In addition, people could organize their own events to raise funds for those facing state repression from the January 20 action in DC. There are also lots of places that people can send money right now to support those facing up to 75 years in prison. Just click on this link, but a great way to show solidarity would be to support the folks from Grand Rapids who were arrested at the J20 protests. Just go to the West Michigan J20 Support Fund.

Lastly, check out this great video from sub media at the link below, which provides excellent analysis and context for responding to state repression.

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