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8 of Michigan’s top 26 Families making political contributions in the last election cycle are from West MI

June 27, 2017

A new report from the Michigan Campaign Finance Network, reports that the top 40 families in Michigan contributed a total of $44 million dollars in the last election cycle.

Not surprising, the DeVos Family contributed to the most on that last at $15 million in the 2015 – 2016 election cycle.

However, it is important for those who live in West Michigan to recognize that there were other families in this area that also contributed a significant amount of money to influence the 2015-2016 election cycle. These are all families that make up the local power structure, some have large foundation, many sit on boards of non-profits, others contribute to local colleges and many are involved with groups like the West Michigan Policy Forum, the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce, Grand Action and the Econ Club.

The amount of money from this list, provided by the Michigan Campaign Finance Network, includes federal and state money. At the federal level the families from West Michigan primarily gave to the Republican Party, but in some cases they provided funds to candidates like Rep. Justin Amash and Rep. Bill Huizenga.

Contributions at the state level have receive less attention, which is unfortunate, since state policy often impacts people more directly than federal policy. For example, here is just a sampling of state laws that have been passed, which was introduced and promoted by lawmakers that the DeVos Family made contributions to:

Now, let’s look at the other 7 families from West MI that were in the top 26 in the state on political contributions in the 2015 – 2016 election cycle.

Jandernoa Family (42 North Partners, Perrigo) – Contributed $827,500

Kennedy Family (Autocam) – Contributed $723,100

Van Andel Family (Amway) – Contributed $667,300

J.C. Huizenga (National Heritage Academies, Huizenga Group) – Contributed $445,489

Meijer Family (Meijer) – Contributed $386,400

Haworth Family (Haworth Inc.) – Contributed $367,536

Secchia Family (Sibsco) – Contributed $317,380

What we are listing below are some of the committees and State Legislators that these families from West Michigan gave money to in the 2015 – 2016 election cycle. The Michigan Campaign Finance Network provides a document that lists the top 40 Families in Michigan, the breakdown for Federal and state contributions and the top recipients. 

Top donors to the House Republican Campaign Committee for 2015-2016: DeVos family, $720,000, Kennedy family, $160,000, Haworth family, $80,000, Meijer Inc. PAC, $60,000, J.C. Huizenga, $55,000, Michael Jandernoa, $50,000

Top donors to the Senate Republican Campaign Committee for 2015-2016: DeVos family, $121,000, J.C. Huizenga, $55,000, Meijer Inc. PAC, $40,000, David Van Andel, $40,000

20th House District, Rep. Jeff Noble – DeVos family, $9,000

30th House District, Rep. Diana Farrington – DeVos family, $8,000

32nd House District, Rep. Pamela Hornberger – DeVos family, $9,000

38th House District, Rep. Kathy Crawford – DeVos family, $9,000, Haworth family, $2,000

39th House District, Rep. Klint Kesto – DeVos family, $9,000

41st House District, Rep. Martin Howrylak – Meijer PAC, $2,000

43rd House District, Rep. Jim Tedder – Kennedy family, Autocam, $2,000

45th House District, Rep. Mike Webber – Kennedy family, $2,000

51st House District, Rep. Joseph Graves – DeVos family, $8,200, Haworth family, Haworth Inc., $2,000

56th House District, Rep. Jason Sheppard – Meijer PAC, $3,000

57th House District, Rep. Bronna Kahle – DeVos family, $9,000

61st House District, Rep. Brandt Iden – DeVos family, $9,000, Meijer PAC, $4,000

62nd House District, Rep. John Bizon – DeVos family, $9,000

66th House District, Rep. Beth Griffin – DeVos family, $9,000

70th House District, Rep. James Lower – DeVos family, $9,000, Haworth family, Haworth Inc., $2,000

71st House District, Rep. Tom Barrett – DeVos family, $9,000

72nd House District, Rep. Steve Johnson – Peter Secchia, retired, $1,000, Matthew Haworth, Haworth Inc., $1,000

73rd House District, Rep. Chris Afendoulis – John Kennedy, Autocam, $5,000, Meijer PAC, $3,500

74th House District, Rep. Rob VerHeulen – DeVos family, $9,000, Meijer PAC of Michigan, $2,500, Kennedy family, $2,000, Haworth family, $2,000

77th House District, Rep. Tommy Brann – DeVos family, $9,000, Haworth family, Haworth Inc., $2,000, Michael Jandernoa, 42 North Partners, $1,000, Peter Secchia, Sibsco, $1,000

80th House District, Rep. Mary Whiteford – Haworth family, Haworth Inc., $2,000, Peter Secchia, Sibisco LLC, $1,000, Michael Jandernoa, 42 North, $1,000

82nd Houst District, Rep. Gary Howell – DeVos family, $9,000

85th House District, Rep. Ben Frederick – DeVos family, $9,000, Jandernoa family, 42 North Partners, $2,000

89th House District, Rep. Jim Lilly – DeVos family, $9,000, Haworth family, Haworth Inc., $2,000

90th House District, Rep. Daniela Garcia – DeVos family, $9,000, Haworth family, $3,000, Kennedy family, Autocam, $2,000, Meijer PAC, $2,000

91st House District, Rep. Holly Hughes – DeVos family, $9,000

93rd House District, Rep. Tom Leonard – DeVos family, $9,000

97th House District, Rep. Jason Wentworth – DeVos family, $9,000, Haworth family, Haworth Inc., $2,000

99th House District, Rep. Roger Hauck – DeVos family, $7,000

101st House District, Rep. Curt VanderWall – DeVos family, $9,000

102nd House District, Rep. Michele Hoitenga – J.C. Huizenga, Huizenga Group, $1,000

103rd House District, Rep. Daire Rendon – DeVos family $9,000, Haworth family, Haworth, $2,000

104th House District, Rep. Larry Inman – DeVos family, $9,000

106th House DIstrict, Rep. Sue Allor – DeVos family, $9,000

107th House District, Rep. Lee Chatfield – DeVos family, $9,000, Haworth family, Haworth International, $2,000

108th House District, Rep. Beau LaFave – DeVos family, $9,000, Haworth family, Haworth, $2,000

13th Senate District, Sen. Marty Knollenberg – DeVos family, $3,000

19th Senate District, Sen. Mike Nofs – Meijer PAC, $1,000

28th Senate District, Sen. Peter MacGregor – Michael Jandernoa, $2,000, Meijer PAC, $2,000

29th Senate District, Sen. Dave Hildenbrand – David Van Andel, Van Andel Institute, $2,000

30th Senate District, Sen. Arlan Meekhof – John Kennedy, $50,000, DeVos family, $40,000, Van Andel family, $15,000, Peter Secchia, retired, $10,000, J.C. Huizenga, $10,000, Dick Haworth, $5,000, Meijer PAC, $3,500

32nd Senate District, Sen. Ken Horn – DeVos family, $3,000

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