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Cosecha Grand Rapids disrupts Walmart store with Penny Action

June 5, 2017

Yesterday, the Grand Rapids Cosecha Movement engaged in their latest action in their campaign to demand respect, dignity and permanent protection for all immigrants.

At the 54th street Walmart, Cosecha GR members participated in what they were calling a “penny action.” The action involved adults and children buying milk and paying with pennies.

People went to the checkout lanes, each with 2 gallons of milk, and paid with pennies counting them one at a time.

Clogging up the checkout lanes caused them to backup, creating long lines of shoppers, as you can see in the pictures below.

This process played out for about 30 minutes, including people the returning the same milk they had just purchased. Eventually, Cosecha members took out a banner that said we will stop disrupting you, when you stop disrupting our families. Then, another member of Cosecha GR, with the use of a megaphone read a statement, which you can see in this video:

One of the things that the Cosecha GR action was attempting to draw attention to was the fact that there are literally thousands of immigrants working in the agricultural sector. Migrant workers pick the food we eat and milk the cows we drink. These migrant workers don’t make a livable income, which is why the Cosecha Movement is calling for a strike. A strike, even if it only involved immigrant workers, would cause tremendous financial harm to businesses all across the country.

The Cosecha GR members were also appealing to Walmart workers who don’t make a livable wage, often relying on food assistance.

Cosecha members also handed out information to customers with some explanation of the action, along with an invitation to be part of the local movement. In fact, they are inviting anyone with a commitment to immigrant justice to text the word Huelga or Strike and the number 41411.

Walmart management attempted to silence the action and to prevent Cosecha GR members from filming, but were unable to do so. Walmart called the local cops, who showed up just as the Cosecha GR members were leaving the store.

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