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Rolling Stone Magazine article on Betsy DeVos cites numerous West Michigan sources, including GRIID

March 8, 2017

In an article entitled, Betsy DeVos’ Holy War, Janet Reitman does a thorough job of reporting on and investigating Donald Trump’s Secretary of Education. 

There are several West Michigan sources cited in the article, like the President of the Acton Institute, Rev. Robert Sirico, along with some community organizers and Grand Rapids School Board member and a local public school teacher.

Reitman cites lots of good background material, such as the book Amway, the Cult of Free Enterprise and Russ Bellant, who has been tracking the religious and political right in the US and Michigan for almost 30 years.

I spoke with Reitman for almost two hours on the phone and exchanged dozens of e-mails over a three-week period, as the Rolling Stone Magazine writer was uncovering as many of the local angles as possible. GRIID is cited in the story and the comments she uses are fairly reflective of the conversation we had.

What is important about the article is its broader articulation around the role that reconstructionist christian values influence the DeVos family politics. An important contribution into our collective understanding of the DeVos family and the values they embrace and impose on the public.

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