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Whatever You Do, Don’t Talk to the Police: New zine provides solid information

February 9, 2017


There is a new zine that people in Michigan have put together and are distributing at protests that have been organized since the election in November.

The zine is entitled, Whatever You Do, Don’t Talk to the Police. Sprout Distro is making the zine available on their site, in PDF form. Here is what Sprout Distro has to say about the zine:

It’s a basic introduction for folks coming into contact with police and other law enforcement officials in the context of political demonstrations. It focuses on the importance of avoiding interactions with the police, looking out for each other, and taking care of each other. The zine explains how police often sew the seeds of division within resistance movements and instead articulates the importance of building a “culture of resistance” wherein folks respect a diversity of approaches by agreeing not to cooperate with the police.

Last year we offered a class on the history of policing in the US, using Kristian Williams book, Our Enemies in Blue: Police and Power in America, for those wanting to dig deeper into the history, function and purpose of policing in the US.

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