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Buying Endorsements: Rep. Huizenga and Betsy DeVos

January 16, 2017


On Thursday, Michigan Republican Congressman from the 2nd District, Bill Huizenga stated on the House floor that he endorsed Betsy DeVos as Donal Trump’s choice for Secretary of Education. 

MLive reported on Friday that Huizenga was endorsing DeVos. The MLive story has the GOP Congressman as saying that DeVos was, “passionate and dedicated servant with a big heart for kids” who has made it her life’s mission to ensure access to education for all children. 

However, there was no concrete evidence provided by Huizenga to support such a statement and MLive didn’t bother to verify the claim either.

That Huizenga endorses Betsy DeVos as Trump’s pick for Secretary of Education is in no way a surprise. You can see in the graph below that over Huizenga’s career as the 2nd Congressional Representative, he has received more money from DeVos Family-owned entities (Amway & Windquest Group) than any other source as a candidate, at a total of $128,200



This information is not included in Rep. Huizenga’s Press Release from last week, nor in the MLive story, even though it seems pretty essential to understanding why the Congressman would enthusiastically endorse Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education.

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