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Resilience and Resistance at Standing Rock: Part 2

November 17, 2016


Urgent Appeal – The weather has turned much colder in the past 24 hours and people here are in urgent need of funds to purchase materials for permanent structures and other resources to stay warm and stay safe. You can donate to the Michigan Host Tent directly by going to this link

We also will be making other posts with specific needs for other camps from Michigan that are involved in direct action. Last night, they told us that the pipeline is scheduled to be complete by January 1st, so there is added urgency for solidarity and support.

The picture below shows “security lights” that the Dakota Access Oil Pipeline company uses during the night.

These lights are placed along the trajectory of where the pipeline will be constructed. However, these lights play an additional role in that they are pointed at the camp at night for the purpose of deterring Indigenous Water Protectors from engaging in further action against the oil pipeline. The lights in this photo are just above the river, where police and private security have been using pepper spray and other forms of brutality against the water protectors on an almost daily basis. 

We also found out last night that the Dakota Access Pipeline company is using drones to both monitor the route of the pipeline, but also to monitor to the resistance from Water Protectors.


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