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Centering the voices of Indigenous Resistance: GRIID is going to Standing Rock

November 9, 2016

standing rock-petition

On Tuesday, November 15, a few of us from West Michigan will be traveling to Standing Rock to show our support for those resisting the pipeline that is threatening the lives of Indigenous community in North Dakota.

In addition, we plan to conduct interviews with indigenous people who are resisting the pipeline. This is our primary purpose, to center the voices of indigenous people who have chosen to fight, who have chosen not to be oppressed, who have chosen not to allow the water to be contaminated and those who have chosen to remain sovereign from white, settler-colonialism.

We will only be there for a few days.If you want to know ways to support the indigenous resistance at Standing Rock, here is a link for those wanting to offer monetary or material support. 

If you want to offer any support to those of us going, just send an e-mail to


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