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Action Alert – Jimmy John’s worker fired for involvement with union

July 10, 2011

A member of the Grand Rapids branch of the IWW was fired yesterday after working at a local Jimmy John’s.

Matt Bair was fired for “alleged customer complaints” on July 8. Bair told us that he was never told of any “complaints and always received praise and good tips from costumers.” Bair believes he was fired because of his membership in the IWW.

The IWW has been targeting Jimmy John’s for over a year in an organizing campaign that started in Minneapolis and led to solidarity pickets throughout the country, including one in Grand Rapids last September.

The Grand Rapids branch of the IWW is calling on people to take action with a phone zap. People are urged to call Jimmy John’s owner Tom KirkPatrick and demand, “That fellow worker Matthew Bair be reinstated and to continue work at Jimmy Johns.  That they stop their campaign against Jimmy Johns workers organizing for a better future.”       

Call (616) 617 3773 all day Sunday!

The IWW also included this statement as a suggestion for what to say to Jimmy John’s owner Tom KirkPatrick:

Hello Mr. KirkPatrick, I am calling to insist that fellow worker Matthew Bair be reinstated at Jimmy Johns.  It is illegal to terminate someone for their organizing activity.  Please join the consensus of working people around the nation and stop the union busting efforts against your workers.

For more information on the Grand Rapids branch of the IWW go to this link.

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  1. July 11, 2011 11:08 am

    For Immediate Release:

    Industrial Workers of the World – Grand Rapids

    June 11, 2011

    Who: Union members and supporters

    What: Informational picket with flyers demanding the re-instatement of our wrongfully terminated member.

    Why: Matthew Bair was fired Friday July 8th for alleged costumer complaints. The facts are
    that Bair never was told of any complaints and always received praise and good tips from costumers. Bair was fired for being a member of the IWW.

    When: Monday June 11, 12pm – 1pm

    Where: Jimmy Johns – 648 Monroe Street #101

    The Jimmy Johns Workers Union, open to employees at the company nationwide, is affiliated with the Industrial Workers of the the World labor union. Gaining prominence in recent years for organizing Starbucks workers, the IWW is a global union founded over a century ago for all working people.


  2. Jef permalink
    July 12, 2011 4:22 am

    From a customer’s perspective: I’m a regular.

    I heard Matt Bair was fired for multiple reasons, including but not limited to:

    • Inappropriate behavior towards customers on delivery, which he was notified in writing on a write-up which he signed and dated acknowledging his misconduct ( Road Rage ) and assuming all responsibility in writing for breaking Jimmy Johns rules of delivery conduct which he signed and agreed to on his hiring paperwork on his first day.

    • Insubordination after continuous warnings ( several I personally witnessed ). Verbal and written from multiple employees and customers.

    • Not fulfilling and refusing to do his job responsibilities, again which were clearly stated on initial hiring paper-work which he also signed and dated saying he would fulfill them. Several times he took over an hour to deliver a delivery, that should take about 10 minutes round trip, with no explanation. ( i sit in the restaurant and work on client work and witness a lot of this jimmy johns activity including many of matts actions I witnessed one of these hour long deliveries. ) 1 hour is not freaky fast. Freaky fastness is obviously a requirement to work at jimmy johns. That’s why we love them.

    I heard they also discovered that he lied on his application and interview about his job history leaving several of his previous employers out including IWW. So JJ didn’t even know he was affiliated with any sort of Union Group in the first place meaning this whole campaign is based on a lie. It would also appear that Matt Bair set himself up as a spy in this situation to create a big publicity stunt.

    I am a regular to this Jimmy Johns and witnessed Matt’s “progression”, if you can even call it that, over the past few months. I was also there the day he came in with his “activists” inside jimmy johns, which is why i am writing this.

    He and his peons harassed and solicited customers and employees (including myself) , loitered, littered their propaganda paper lies ( with many typos ) all over the restaurant, created a fire hazard by blocking the entrances, disturbed the peace ( especially my own, I had a deadline that day ), disrupted the natural flow of business, and were just generally douchebags being typical non-thinking ignorant sheeple. Matt some how stole the owner’s phone number and plastered it all over the flyers, and the internet ( obviously here ) telling people to call him and demand ridiculous things that no reasonable person ( yes that means you, reader) would agree with if they knew the truth ( I’m sure I don’t even know the whole story which probably has even more discrepancies on matts part) Not to mention, Tom had nothing to do with this termination. Don’t call him.

    Matt should grow up and stop being a baby. He wasn’t good at his job and he wasn’t interested in trying to get better. He could’ve been looking for another job instead of picketing wasting a lot of peoples time and making a lot of people angry.
    It clearly states in his facebook profile that he has had a job as an “Organizer for IWW since 2009” ( and many other union groups ) which really makes IWW look bad and lose a lot of credibility if this whole thing is a radical publicity stunt that was poorly and illegally executed.


  1. Grand Rapids IWW mobilizes on behalf of member who was fired at Jimmy John’s « Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy

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