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We Are One Walk in Grand Rapids – April 19

April 18, 2011

People who organized the April 4 We Are One rally in Grand Rapids have organized another event for Tuesday, April 19. The event is on the 100th anniversary of the Grand Rapids Furniture Workers Strike and will begin at the Spirit of Solidarity Monument that commemorates the 1911 strike.

The flyer circulating for this event reads:

Advocates for civil and human rights will be walking together for the rights of all workers to bargain for a middle class life, our right to a voice in the political process and the respect that all people deserve. The budget can’t be balanced on the backs of hardworking people and retirees. We need to work together to restore balance, create good jobs and grow the middle class and keep our communities working.”

The walk starts at 4:30 PM on Tuesday, April 19 at the Spirit of Solidarity Monument just south of the Ford Museum off of Pearl Street.

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  1. miles permalink
    April 18, 2011 12:59 pm

    “We need to work together to restore balance, create good jobs and grow the middle class and keep our communities working.””

    Working class people have their lives managed and controlled by the petty-bourgeois middle class in the form of bosses, managers, social workers, teachers, priests, and cops; why we would want to “grow” that inherently oppressive class of people is beyond me. Except of course if you’re a middle class union leader who wants to protect capitalism by controlling “their” workers and seeks nothing but collaboration with the bosses and the state so they can advance their own political career.

    No war but the class war.

  2. Joshua permalink
    April 18, 2011 1:58 pm

    while i agree with your general point, miles, i don’t see what action you’re suggesting. seeing as how you’ve made the comment on the announcement of a march, it seems like you’re against it. while unions as they are now exist within a capitalist system, does that mean we should abandon those workers? people need to eat and feed their children today. any revolution must balance political ideals with meeting the basic needs of citizens.

  3. Mike Kay permalink
    April 19, 2011 1:23 am

    Support Workers Rights!

    Check out the latest protest song from The Joe Hill Heartlanders
    urging all middle class workers to “Get Even!”

    You can listen, view and download “Get Even!” free at:

    Stay strong and “Get Even!”

    The Joe Hill Heartlanders

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