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New report on Koch brother’s vast political influence

April 6, 2011

In recent months one family name that seems to keep popping up in political discussions around budget cuts and anti-union legislation is Koch.

There have been a series of stories written about the influence peddling that the Koch brothers are engaged in since they were exposed as funders of Wisconsin Governor Walker by the Center for Media and Democracy.

In addition, SourceWatch has done a fine job of providing lots of background information on one of the Koch family’s favorite front groups, Americans for Prosperity. Americans for Prosperity has been funding numerous other Astroturf groups and even has a hand in organizing the Tea Party.

Just two weeks ago Andy Kroll, writing for Mother Jones magazine, posted a solid investigative piece about what the Koch brothers are up to in Michigan. Kroll wrote that along with the Mackinac Center for Public Policy and the DeVos/Price families, the Koch’s are also funding the anti-worker/pro-business policies of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder.

When you thought that there influence couldn’t go any further, the Center for Public Integrity (CPI) has just published a new report entitled Koch’s web of influence.

The report looks at the Koch family industries and what affect they have had on public policy on issues such as the environment and EPA rulings, federal financial and tax policies, ethanol fuel production, global warming policies, energy industry tax breaks, national security policies and financial regulation.

Their influence is far reaching and the new CPI report demonstrates that we ignore their influence at our own peril. We encourage you to read the entire report and to watch this short video on the lobbying influence of Koch Industries.


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  1. Grant permalink
    April 7, 2011 3:55 am

    We all await your coming expose on the vast political influence of George Soros.

    GRIID I’m sure is all over it.


  2. Jeff Smith permalink*
    April 7, 2011 12:26 pm

    Grant, are you suggesting that GRIID is partisan in nature? I can assure you were are not. We have been highly critical of the Obama administration since day one. His announcement from the other day that he plans to raise $1 billion for his re-election campaign will mean he will continue to be beholden to corporate interests. Our decision to post a story on the Koch brothers was based on recent funding of the state policies under Snyder.

    As for George Soros, we have posted critical pieces on him in the past, when I was writing for Media Mouse. Soros exploits workers and makes his a great deal of his money off of speculative capital. He is also a member of the Carlyle group, an organization of rich people including Bush Sr. (See the book “The Iron Triangle.”)

    In my opinion neither Democrats or Republicans serve the interest of working people.

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