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U.S. Congressman Calls Undocumented Workers “Rats” as Hate Speech Ramps Up

March 21, 2011

While Michigan has been stunned by our new governor’s war on the working class, and while the Midwest has been battling to prevent union-busting in several states, conservatives continue their witch hunt of undocumented workers. This past month has been a high-pitched one, both in the country at large and in Michigan.

A week ago, Tennessee Representative Curry Todd compared undocumented workers to rats. During a panel discussion with prenatal care professionals, Todd asked them if they demanded that patients provide proof of citizenship before being treated. One panelist told the Congressman that that question was illegal because the child, when born, would be a U.S. citizen. And it was the child who was receiving the services. “They can go out there like rats and multiply, then,” Todd said in disgust.

Later, Todd said that he had been “harsh” in his wording, and said he should have used the term “anchor babies” instead—apparently feeling “anchor babies” would less offensive than something on the order of “baby rats.”

Meanwhile, not to be outdone, Todd’s colleague Geoff Davis, Congressman from Kentucky, posted a new section on his website about the repeal of the 14th Amendment. It includes this statement: “I am extremely concerned about illegal immigration and its impact on national security and the economy. Vulnerable borders and porous ports of entry leave our country susceptible to terrorist attacks and illegal trafficking.”

This seems to indicate that the Congressman feels that every person who crosses the border is either engaged in terrorism or illegal trafficking—of what, he fails to indicate. And his back-up documentation? Nada.

Here in Michigan, Representative Dave Agema is also enthusiastic about appealing the 14th Amendment, and feels that Michigan’s version of Arizona law SB 1070 is the road to get there: “When you get a whole bunch of states on board with this [anti-immigration legislation], we’ll try to get the Congress to change the 14th Amendment back to what it should be, “said Agema in 2010.

Agema followed through this year by sponsoring HB-4305, which is virtually identical to the Arizona law. Why do we need it? Agema calls his bill “common sense.” Agema’s statement that the law is necessary is discredited by the facts. Michigan has one of the lowest estimated populations of undocumented workers in the nation—about 70,000, compared to approximately 1.5 million in Texas, 2.9 million in California, and a half-million in Illinois.

His fellow Representative Kim Meltzer explained “It [HB-4305] just makes sense for Michigan, with all of its national boundaries, to enact similar security for our citizens.”  Oddly there are no news stories of Canadians crossing the Great Lakes in the dark of night because they are so determined to live in the United States—in fact, America is something of a national joke to the Canadians.

But the pressure on undocumented workers continues: the beginning of  March was marked by a series of ICE raids in which 20 people were arrested and either held for trial or deported. Kalamazoo DPS Chief Jeff Hadley praised the ICE officers because “they are ridding our community of bad people.”

Why this sudden uptick of activity, denouncements, and hate speech? It could have to do with an announcement this month that the 2010 census indicated Latino/as have probably already become the “majority minority.” Results also showed that minorities as a group would become the majority population by about 2050.

An article in the Grand Rapids Press on March 13 about the census news triggered a rash of hate-speech commentary, although many of the comments have since been pulled down by the online editorial staff. Here’s a sampling:

I am thankful for the vast majority of Americans who want our immigration laws enforced and borders protected. What I’m not thankful for is that many Americans are out of work, yet illegals all over this state are stealing jobs, either with false soc sec. numbers or under the table and not paying taxes. Not to mention; driving on roads with no license, no insurance, kids burdening the schools, commiting violent crime, stealing benifits, falsifying documents, lying to employers, free health care, stealing federal grants for schools over citizens, and taking jobs and school spots from Americans.

The rise of the Hispanics have caused riots, like the ones that happened in Libery City portion of Miami years ago. When is the Obama administration going to step up to the problem? Answer: never as they see Hispanics as potential Democrat voters.

I actually wouldn’t mind this, in hindsight. The women are better looking too, and the ones who are uncorrupted by our unions and other “natives” still work hard…

No matter how nice the Mexicans are or how hard they are willing to work the facts are now clear. They have left a Crap hole of a country and are turning this one into the same. Unfortunately, they resemble a plague of Locusts stripping the land and they have turned into a massive mob of parasites. They are gobbling up tax payer money faster that the taxpayers can respond. Even when the jobs go away they still hang in there for the free items and services.

Where DO they all go? In the mornings (including Saturday) there is a large crowd of adults and children descending on the schools. Why you ask? For the free food of course. My advice? Never give money to the schools. It is only used here to house Mexican Nationals and free day care.

….MSNBC and other mainstreams love when illegals threaten and attack people, protest for illegals, exploit brainwashed kids at rallys, attack the consitution, hold fascist and Nazi signs, and destroy public buildings…

English is still the language of success. I live in Ca now and all the spanish speakers are stuck with leaf blowers on their backs.

Even though we have a lot to worry about in Michigan these days, it’s clear this at-the-boil hatred is a situation that bears continued monitoring.



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  1. Kate Wheeler permalink
    March 23, 2011 2:56 pm

    Since writing this commentary, I learned of another hate-speech incident involving the U.S. Congress. On March 14, Representative Virgil Peck from Kansas stated:

    “It looks like to me if shooting these immigrating feral hogs works; maybe we have found a [solution] to our illegal immigration problem.” is collecting signatures to demand Peck’s resignation. Here’s the link:

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