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For Senator Levin, civilians killed by Drone attacks are “mistakes”

October 2, 2010

“Liberal” Michigan Senator Carl Levin continues to show his true colors in the so-called US War on Terrorism. Yesterday, Levin spoke to the elite foreign policy establishment, the Council on Foreign Relations.

CNN reported yesterday that Levin criticized the government of Pakistan for not doing more to fight terrorist and for complaining about US military Drone strikes that kill Pakistani soldiers and civilians.

Speaking about the US military Drone attacks in Pakistan Levin said, “There is a significant improvement in the accuracy. The minister, the foreign minister of Pakistan, acknowledged this yesterday to me. There are mistakes made but there is a huge improvement in the accuracy and the reduction of mistakes.”

It is so comforting to know that the “liberal” Senator Levin considers the death of innocent civilians from US Drone strike to be “mistake.” According to numerous sources in the past year, US military Drone strikes in Pakistan accounted for over 700 civilian deaths in 2009 alone.

Jane Mayer’s excellent piece in the New Yorker also examines the disastrous US military Drone campaign in Pakistan, a campaign which has increased anti-US sentiment to such levels that a recent poll done in Pakistan revealed that 59% of Pakistanis believe that the US is greatest threat to their country.

Senator Levin’s response to the criticism coming from Pakistan – “They object when we make mistakes. I mean we hit some Pakistani troops by mistake the other day and there is some strong blowback on that. This is understandable.”

These statements from Levin were responses to questions after a talk he gave to the Council on Foreign Relations. In that speech, Levin continued to support the US occupation of Afghanistan and emphasize his belief that the Obama administration will stick to its commitment of US troop withdrawal in July of 2010.

Levin also continued his belief that Afghanis being training by the US are making strides that will allow them to take over security matters in their country. This optimism is seriously called into question by independent reports on the “progress” of US training programs for Afghan security forces.

In addition, Levin acknowledges that the current levels of corruption in the Karzai administration are problematic, but the Michigan Senator does not acknowledge the degree to which the US is responsible for the corruption, particularly the US use of private contractors, which have been exposed as an integral part of the problem.

It should be crystal clear to anyone who is opposed to the US Afghanistan/Pakistan war that Senator Carl Levin is no anti-war ally. In fact, it seems clear that Levin is a proponent of continued US war crimes against civilians in both of those countries.

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  1. karen permalink
    October 2, 2010 3:12 pm

    I was unsurprised and exceedingly disgusted this morning to learn that Levin urged Pakistan to take more action against terrorists and complain less about American drone strikes. He has never been against war. Thanks for your story!


  1. Levin continues to believe the US is making progress in Afghanistan « Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy

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