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Protest planned for Snyder “Town Hall” meeting at WOOD TV on September 13

September 7, 2011

It was announced on Tuesday that local NBC affiliate WOOD TV 8 would host a “Town Hall” meeting with Michigan Governor Rick Snyder.

The channel 8 posting states, “A diverse group of West Michigan community members, from a variety of demographics, will be selected by WOOD TV8 to attend the live broadcast and participate by asking questions directly to the governor.” There are no details about how this diverse group will be selected, but based on previously broadcast events that WOOD TV has held in their studio it would be safe to say that this will be a highly scripted and controlled event.

Today, people with Michigan Stands for Democracy announced that there will be a protest outside of the WOOD TV 8 facility located on College Avenue, just north of Cherry Street. The protest is schedule for next Tuesday, September 13.

The Facebook announcement says the protest will take place from 7 – 8pm, the same time as the live broadcast that channel 8 will host with Snyder. The Michigan Stands for Democracy is part of the campaign to reverse the Emergency Financial Managers law that Snyder imposed on the state earlier this year.

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