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New Video on Alberta Tar Sands – the most ecologically destructive project on the planet

June 1, 2011


We noted in our reporting on last year’s Kalamazoo oil spill that the company responsible for the oil pipelines that leaked a tremendous amount of oil into the Kalamazoo River was Enbridge.

We also made mention in that story that Enbridge is one of the major corporations involved in the Alberta Tar Sands Project, which according to numerous environmental organizations is the most ecologically destructive projects on the planet.

When Yves Engler spoke in Grand Rapids the other day, the author/activist noted that Enbridge is now Canada’s largest corporation. There is a great deal of information about the Tar Sands Project at Tar Sands Watch that looks at how this project contributes to ecological destruction, global warming, theft of Indigenous land and water depletion.

Here is a new video that exposes the insidious nature of the Alberta Tar Sands and who is profiting from this project.

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