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Local News and Snyder’s Visit to West Michigan

April 12, 2011

After speaking to a Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce luncheon crowd, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder was scheduled to address fellow Republicans at a fundraiser in Hudsonville last night.

The major local news sources all reported on Snyder’s visit in one form or another. According to what is posted on their website, WOOD Radio only announced his visit without providing any information or analysis of the visit.

All three local TV stations were at the GR Chamber of Commerce luncheon to report on Snyder’s talk. The Fox 17 story provided a brief summary of Snyder’s talk with 2 excerpts of comments from Snyder, but the report did not question any of the claims that Snyder made.

WZZM 13 also provided a just brief summary of Snyder’s comments and was the only TV news source that included any reaction to the luncheon speech, even thought it was Republican State Senator Arlen Meekhof speaking about the May 31 budget proposal deadline.

The WOOD TV 8 story at least acknowledged that there has been significant opposition across the state to Snyder’s proposals and that this has been some of the largest protests “in recent memory.” Nonetheless, the channel 8 story did not question or verify any of the claims made by Snyder in the talk he gave at noon in Grand Rapids.

The Grand Rapids Press article was by far better than the broadcast news outlets in that they provided a bit more information about Snyder’s talk. The article did include a few hyperlinks, one on the item pricing law that Snyder has passed and another link on the proposed international trade bridge.

MLive also included some video clips (see first of 3) and was the only news outlet to have comments from a few protestors who were outside the Chamber of Commerce luncheon.

Despite doing a better job of covering Snyder’s visit, the Press article left out what the rest of the local commercial media did – any analysis of Snyder’s comments or the first 100 days in office. As we reported yesterday, reporters could have questioned Snyder’s position on increased taxation of senior citizens, the international trade bridge proposal, his Emergency Managers policy or the Governor’s notion of “shared sacrifice.”



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  1. Dawn Nelson permalink
    April 12, 2011 2:46 pm

    Thanks for being on the media front line on this issue (as you are on all of them). It is disturbing that so few reporters are asking the questions that need to be asked, and before the political, economic, and social environment declines even further. Keep up the good work here, you are a tremendous benefit to Michigan and democracy. Thanks.

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