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We Are the People Rally in Lansing – April 13

April 8, 2011

Another big rally is on to continue the pressure on Michigan Governor Rick Snyder for the anti-worker, anti-union austerity measures that he has proposed since taking office in January.

This rally is primarily being organized by the Michigan AFL-CIO, AFSME and Working Michigan. The rally is scheduled for Wednesday, April 13 from 1 – 6 PM at the Lansing State Capitol, with speakers at 1, 3 and 5 PM.

No other information is provided on the Facebook notice besides regional transportation information, so we don’t know what kind of actions will be planned inside or outside the capitol building beyond speeches.

Considering there have been numerous rallies that have already taken place in Lansing with no evidence that those in power are changing direction it seems time to increase the pressure through an occupation, a general strike or other forms of direct action that could stop business as usual in Lansing. Wisconsin has only been successful to the degree that they have been willing to disrupt business as usual.

We plan to be there to cover this event and will ask questions of the organizers about tactics and strategy.


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  1. miles permalink
    April 12, 2011 1:34 pm

    It’s a shame that the only tactics that are spreading from Wisconsin are the liberal sign-holding ones that don’t work. I guess that’s what you get from an event organized by the AFL-CIO.

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