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New Video is Response to Obama’s Afghan War Review

January 3, 2011

The group Rethink Afghanistan has a new short video in response to the Obama administration’s “Afghan Review” statement last month.

The video highlights soldier and civilian casualties and says that 2010 has seen the highest number of US & NATO troop deaths since the war began in 2001. The video also mentions that the war is costing taxpayers an estimated $2 billion each week in Afghanistan. According to the National Priorities Project the US war in Afghanistan has cost the state of Michigan $10 billion since 2001 and the City of Grand Rapids $200,000.

The video from Rethink Afghanistan is not an analysis piece, but is a good visual response to the administration’s insistence that the US war in Afghanistan is going well For a more detailed analysis of the Obama Afghan war review see the article by Phyllis Bennis and Kevin Martin.

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