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Senator Levin defends Israel’s attack on Gaza Freedom Flotilla

June 8, 2010

Despite the massive global protests against the recent Israeli attacks on several boats attempting to bring humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza, Michigan Senator Carl Levin is taking the side of Israel.

In a statement the Senator released a few days ago, Levin said:

“Israel has the right under international law to set up a naval blockade to keep weapons from being sent to Hamas. Hamas is an organization that is listed by our State Department as a terrorist organization and that controls Gaza, indiscriminately attacks Israeli citizens and cities with rockets, and denies Israel’s very right to exist.

“While all the facts are not yet known, it seems clear that the organizers of the flotilla, particularly those on the Mavi Marmara, set out intentionally to use force to challenge the blockade. This confrontation and the tragic loss of life could have been avoided had the organizers of the flotilla agreed to Israel’s repeated offers to accept the humanitarian aid at an Israeli port and transfer it overland to Gaza under the supervision of those in the flotilla.”

Levin is basically restating exactly what the State of Israel has said, which is that these attacks against the humanitarian vessels were an act of “self-defense.” This is not a surprise since Levin has supported Israel and US funding of Israel for decades. Last year, the Michigan Senator voted for a resolution in support of Israel’s brutal assault on Gaza and Levin has been one of the largest recipients of PAC money from the US-based Israel Lobby, receiving $1,649,962 during his political career.

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