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WOOD Radio Posts News Story that Promotes Station’s Programming

October 25, 2009

On Friday, WOOD Radio News aired a story the essentially promotes some of the syndicated shows the Clear Channel owned station hosts.

WOOD Radio reporter Rod Kackley, using an October 22 story on, interviewed GVSU political science professor Erika King. Kackley wanted King to respond to the Politico story which made the claim that the “flamboyant rhetoric and angry tone” of talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck could be a liability for the Republican Party.


King thinks that people who tune in to listen to Limbaugh, Beck and others will not negatively impact financial donations to the GOP. “Those are people who frequently listen to the talk radio and television shows, and really are enthused and fired up by those commentators.”

This comment by King is followed by other comments, which downplay the issued raised by the Politico article and focuses instead on partisan strategy. “For half of the election campaign you really need the base. For the second half of the campaign, the general election, you need to reach out beyond the base.

The issue that Politico was raising has to do with the ongoing and consistent incendiary language used by talk show hosts like Limbaugh, Beck and Michael Savage. Researchers like Rory O’Connor have documented the content of numerous syndicated talk show hosts and have concluded that they engage in “hate speech.”

So not only does WOOD Radio news avoid discussing a serious issue like hate speech, they use the story as an opportunity to promote their own programming.

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